Video: HS Student KO’s Dude After Removing Shorts

I initially saw this clip on Tosh.O, and when something is good, I look them up.

I was hoping he would have folded the shorts up first, but the fact that he was actually able to get them off before being sucker punched is good enough for me.

In the clips we see a kid named Dom calmly taking off his hoodie and extra pair of shorts as he readies for battle. Once he’s in proper attire he delivers a brutal initial blow, tackles homeboy, and throws in one more shot for good measure. That’s all he needs to teach dude a lesson.

And now that painful lesson has gone viral.

We’re not sure what exactly led to the fight—Twitter has been quick to call it a glorious beatdown of a bully—but it seems the taller dude was talking some sort of shit.


Sweet double leg.

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  • About

    So you know all truth and honor.

    Your take on this is wrong as can be, I will not say who or what but did you even look at the big kids hands, they do not move. Was his mouth moving, yes but not his hands. Read up on the law (in this case kansas) mike.

    A real sucker punch was given and he spent 7 weeks wired shut and had headaches for a long long time after.
    His GPA went from 3.9 to lower, fast. The brain injury was substantial and out of pocket costs went threw the roof!

    What happened later? Do you know?
    Legally this got the repeat juvenile offender (the smaller kid) a charge of aggravated battery, not battery but aggravated battery. So as a juvenile the smaller kid may be looking at 0-2 years time as an adult.

    So you are promoting the wrong side, you are promoting violence and bullying and unfortunately for all you have supported the wrong kid in this case and since they are minors you are now being reported to the by police.
    Kansas like a majority of states have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment or bullying as well as the proliferation of such acts ( that is where you come in).

    Man up, investigate the deal ask yourself why you are almost the last one still hosting this pic and video.
    Why is the small kid charged and scheduled?

    What I want is for you to do your due diligence, follow up then remove all pics, vids, and content about this case.
    Take it down please and fast or I will follow with a legal action.
    Man up.

    Need help to open the truth?

    Call this number and ask.
    Trial has been set for THE SMALLER KID November 3, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m.
    Barton County Attorney’s Office
    1400 Main St, 3rd Floor
    Great Bend, Ks 67530
    Telephone # (620) 793-1851
    Fax Number (620) 793-1855



  • Well, technically, if he wasn’t leaving him alone, he was being a bully, friend or not.

  • I would like to say you are all wrong I go to school with then and the red guy is not a bully, they are friends and he just got mad cause he wasn’t leaving him alone.

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