Jeremy Mahon Is Ready For W4R!

Former Marine and co-founder of Houston’s 4oz Fight Club, Jeremy Mahon (4-4) is set to face James “Tank” Gonzales (1-2) in a 150lbs catch weight fight this Friday at Legacy Fighting Championship 27. Mahon was originally set to face Nate Garza in a rematch, but found out three weeks prior to the match, that Garza would be unable to compete. Mahon went a few days without an opponent until Gonzales stepped up on short notice to take the fight. I caught up with the Marine/fighter/coach/father to see how training has been going and what we can expect from him on Friday night.

Mark Carrillo: When did you find out about the change of opponents?

Jeremy Mahon: I found out about the change last Monday; I was contacted by the promoter that Friday. I was having dinner and I see who it is calling, and I don’t want to answer because I know there is only one reason why a promoter calls you on a Friday night three weeks before a fight; but for that very reason I knew I had to answer. It took them a couple days to find me an opponent; those couple of days sucked because my fight was just in limbo, no guarantees and no name or face for a replacement.

MC: Does the change of opponent change your game plan at all?

JM: The opponent change does change my plan a little bit. With Nate it had become personal and I had just wanted to bang out rock ’em sock ’em style. I don’t have anything personal against Tank, as a matter of fact I like and respect him and appreciate that he took the fight. I will have to be careful with him, he poses one punch knockout power so that is extremely dangerous.

MC: You have several teammates also fighting on the card. How has that benefited your training having those guys there with your training everyday?

JM: It’s always good to have teammates fighting on a card with you. There is someone there every step of the way for motivation through the hard training sessions, road and hill running, weight cut, and all that. This time is even better because two of my teammates that are fighting are also close in size and weight, so we can push each other to the limit sparring and grappling. Another teammate of mine, Jennifer Scott, has a boxing match the night before my fight. We are the same weight class so I’ve been getting some good boxing sparring in everyday. I appreciate all my training partners.

MC: What is your favorite way to end a fight?

JM: I would love to get a verbal submission, I think that would be the best way to have one end. I don’t know, I guess I like to try and break people, in training and in fights. I like to keep pushing until they just give up.

MC: What were you doing before MMA?

JM: Before I started competing in MMA I had been working overseas as a private contractor and also out on a boat doing some observational work; both were amazing experiences.

MC: What do you do outside of fighting?

JM: I am a home body. I like to just hangout at the house and enjoy my time with my family

MC: What can we expect from you in 2014?

JM: This year expect a lot. I plan on seeing at least two or three of our fighters in the UFC in 2014; so expect some great coaching. I’d like to get my black belt in jiu jitsu in the next year or two so I’ll probably do some BJJ tournaments and lots of grappling.

MC: Who all would you like to thank for helping you prepare for this fight?

JM: My team, my family, and all of m sponsors. Barks 5th Ave, Angie Chapa Fitness and Nutrition, Airrosti Rehab Centers, My Fight Shop, B3 Sports Management, Cre8vision, Alternative Medical Remedies, and Marlotte Technical Services.

Be sure to get your tickets to Legacy Fighting Championship 27 this Friday, January 31st at The Arena Theater in Houston, TX.

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