One Hendry County High School Goes A Little Far With Senior Prank, Another Goes Way Too Far

Throughout high school history, seniors have pulled some sort of prank. And although I can’t recall what my senior class did for our prank, I know we pulled one. Lets trek out to Florida where two Hendry Country high schools are in the news for their senior pranks. One was done in good humor, while […]

Video: School Withholding Diplomas Of ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ Students

The only reason I went to my high school graduation was because my mom made me go. I think school administrators let their power go to their heads. If I were in these kid’s shoes, I wouldn’t look back at it, let the school keep my diploma, I know what I accomplished. According to FOX […]

HS Girls’ Basketball Team Goes Scoreless

In competitive team sports, I’m one that believes that you should try to crush your opponents, it doesn’t matter how terrible they are. If you’re able to go 80-0 like girls’ basketball team, Detroit Cass Tech, did to Osborn, then so be it, you smash them. When I read the initial headline, I thought the […]

Video: HS Basketball Player Posterizes Defender With Dunk

As this kid gets old and matures, he will learn to make better choices in life. Trying to take this charge, not the best decision to make. This poor kid gets all the respect in the world from me for giving up his body, and attempting to take the charge. Now on the other end […]