Video: #UFC220 Title Challenger Francis Ngannou Responds to Trump’s Racist Immigration Comments

Living in the currently political climate has been draining for myself. I can only imagine what someone like Francis Ngannou feels, being in the position of possibly becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion, and living in the US where the president is against immigration from non-white countries. Ariel Helwani was able to speak briefly with Ngannou, […]

Video: Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah Removes a Pair of Invisible Glasses He’s Not Wearing

Whether you want to chalk this up to the Utah Senator being senile, or muscle memory, this should be another reason why stricter term limits should be in place. Like most old heads, Sen. Orrin Hatch is burnt out from the job; he plans to retire at this end of this term. Check out Sen. […]

Video: “Doctor” Ronny Jackson Says Donald Trump Could Live To Be 200-Years-Old Because of His Genetics

First off, this goof is not a Jackson, I refuse to acknowledge this fake news. But in all seriousness, how can a legit medical physician say that an adult’s genes have more of an impact on a person’s health than the large of amount of fast food that is shoveled into their mouth? White House […]

Video: Guy Gets Sternum Crushed by Chick at Jamaican Party

There are levels to these Jamaican parties. Myself, nor the young man in this clip, are on the level of what this Jamaican shorty was about. What started off as a simple grind, you know, shorty backin’ that thang up on you, turned into a full-scale WWE match. Out of nowhere, the young lady took […]

Video: Curtis Millender Scores His Second Consecutive Head Kick Knockout Win at #LFA30

There has to be a “Mr. Untouchable” reference somewhere in this article, right?… Curtis Millender is a bad man. In his second consecutive fight, Millender landed a walk off head kick knockout headlining an LFA card. Nick Barnes was the latest contestant on “Who Wants To Snap Curtis Millender’s Winning Streak?” Although he lasted longer […]

Video: Pregnant Women Who Pee On IKEA’s New Ad Get Huge Discount

Wait, what? IKEA has revealed a new ad which is said to be able to change the lives of new parents. IKEA’s new ad offers their family discount for those buying baby cribs and who are pregnant. To prove you’re pregnant, the Swedish furniture company’s ad is also a pregnancy test. IKEA using Swedish ad […]

Video: Donald Trump’s Bad Lip Reading at the National Championship Game

Is this a bad lip reading? Or is this a transcript of the non-genius-in-chief, Donald Trump, attempting to sing the national anthem at the National Championship game? OMG the Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's miserable attempt at the national anthem has me gasping for air. 😂😂😂 — Josh Sánchez (@jnsanchez) January 9, 2018