Betting Odds Released on if Conor McGregor Will Go to Prison, and be Released From UFC Contract, in 2018


Are you a betting man? If so, you can win some money depending on how this Conor McGregor #UFC223 media day melee concludes.

By now, we’ve all heard about Conor McGregor attacking Khabib’s bus prior to the UFC 223 media day. Well, the bookies are looking to get in on the action, pun intended.

The two prop bets, “Will Conor McGregor go to Prison in 2018?” and “Will Conor McGregor be released by the UFC in 2018?” The prison line is far-fetched, but I’m liking the odds on his UFC release. I’ll go ahead and allocate some funds from the 2018 Mike The Truth budget to bet Conor will be defending something, a belt or his honor, in the near future.

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