Video: Nate Diaz Sides With Conor McGregor In #UFC223 Media Day Melee

I’m not saying Nate and Conor or cool, but Nate understands the “street code”.

In the hood, doesn’t matter if you’re in Dublin, Stockton, or even Brooklyn, if you run up on someone, like Khabib did to Conor’s boy, Artem, you must know that there will be some type of retaliation. Now, this isn’t the streets, but Conor McGregor comes from the streets, and well, he’s a nut.

On Wednesday, there was an altercation between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Artem Lobov, but fighting at UFC 223, where Khabib basically big brother’d Artem. You can imagine that Conor wasn’t amused, and someone had to pay. Given the heat between Conor and all top 155ers, Conor hoped on his private jet from across the pond, to confront Khabib at the UFC 223 media day. Khabib was held up on a bus, while Conor threw a dolly, guard rails, trash cans, whatever he could find at the bus.

Check out some of the videos below.

And of course, Nate comes in with the sound logic.

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