16-Year-Old Son Knocks Out Elderly Father Over Dinnertime Texting Outside of Cape Cod Restaurant

I had an idea of this thug’s race when I read the headline. I then saw the incident happened outside of restaurant in Cape Code, Massachusetts, which is a town that is 95% white; plus, he punched his elderly father over texting.

Police say a father was knocked unconscious by his son outside a Cape Cod restaurant after he told the boy to stop texting during dinner.

Investigators say the pair had stepped outside the Yarmouth restaurant Saturday night after arguing inside. Police say the juvenile then punched his 63-year-old father in the face.

The father hit his head on the ground, suffering serious injuries. Police say an off-duty firefighter who was at the restaurant quickly responded and helped save the man’s life.

The juvenile was arrested and released later that night into his mother’s custody. He is charged with felony assault and battery.

That’ll get you some CTE. I hope they throw the book at him on principle alone.

h/t ABC 13

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