Remember the Name: Ian Lawler

At the age of 26, Ian Lawler (3-2) has a bright career ahead of him. He started kickboxing as a kid because he had problems with a bully. His dad wanted to teach him how to be a man. I think it’s safe to say Lawler has become a man while proudly showing off his brown belt in BJJ and an effective stand-up game. One thing Lawler loves to do is work with special needs kids at his gym called Adversity Training Center. Lawler teaches kids and gives them an activity they truly enjoy. While caring and giving back to the community is one part of his life, his MMA career is another. On August 13 Lawler takes on Steven Haag at Valor Fights 36.

VF 36 is said to be Valor’s biggest and baddest card yet. Lawyer is stoked to be on this card hoping that his performance will open up doors for him. His opponent, Steven Haag, holds a record of 1-1 and as well as Lawler, has a brown belt is BJJ. Lawyer believes he must finish Haag because he is the hometown fighter.

Lalwer’s favorite part of fighting is the people involved with the sport. Of course, you get the occasional guys with egos, but MMA is a humble sport were everyone gives each other props. A saying Lawler proposed that really had me thinking was “live life so the fear of death never enters your heart.” That is deep.

As humble as Lalwer is, he has goals to make it to a top promotion and is willing to fight anyone. Lawler has had many surgeries in the past few years, giving him the mentality to strike while the iron is hot because he knowns his longevity is limited. Lawler will continue to help the children at his gym while building a place for himself in MMA.

Ian Lawler fights for the Valor Fights Flyweight title on August 13 at Valor Fights 36.

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