Drink A Beer With Rasta: Real Ale Brewing Co. Gose

I remembered my password. Figured I would take advantage of that and do a beer piece. I’m not in retail anymore. So first time in my “good beer” drinking life, I have to actually go see what’s available right now.

Since I’m a beer snob, the liquor store should be my logical choice. However, it’s 8:30am. So, that means I’m limited to the corner store or the grocery store. I opt for the grocery store; I live in a hipster-heavy area. That means good beer can be found at the grocery store, plus, I need breakfast.

I go to H-E-B. This gives me a chance to ride my 32-year-old bike like people take their Studebaker out on Sundays. Plus, it’s closer to the taco truck.

I grabbed a single of the Gose from Real Ale Brewing Co, which is located in Blanco, Texas. A gose is a tart, salty German style wheat beer. It is part of the sour beer family, and it uses a top fermenting yeast which makes it an ale, but that’s beer nerd stuff. I like to drink a gose after long bike rides or when it’s hot out, and in Houston, that is 355 days a year.

This beer is at about 4.5 percent abv, same as a “normal” beer. A lot of lime flavor, and like me when a relationship ends, salty on the finish. It is reminiscent of a margarita, but without the tequila. I didn’t pour it in a glass, because I didn’t, but typically gose pour a medium yellow; this means slightly darker than a Bud Light.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez and DESTIHL Wild Sour: Here Gose Nothin, might be the easier ones to find in the Houston area. Avery Blood Orange Gose, and Westbrook Gose, are other good examples of the style.

Oh, I had 4 lengua tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro and onions.

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