Proposed Nominations for Austin’s Robert E. Lee Elementary Name Change

My first question, who was surveyed, parents, kids, or both?

I have mixed feelings on these types of issues. First off, I understand how names can be offensive to some people, and second, these names have been in place for decades, why are people now just getting upset about them.

The Austin School Board is looking into changing the name of a local elementary school, Robert E. Lee Elementary, after hundreds of parents said they take offense to the school’s namesake, a Confederate Army general.

The school’s Campus Advisory Committee unanimously voted to have the board consider changing the school name.

Here’s a list of the nominations that have been submitted:

  • Donald J. Trump Elementary: 45 nominations
  • Robert E. Lee Elementary: 34 nominations
  • Russell Lee Elementary: 32 nominations
  • Harper Lee Elementary: 30 nominations
  • Elisabet Ney Elementary: 15 nominations
  • Idiocaracy Elementary (Yes Idiocracy is misspelled. Not sure if that is intentional.)
  • John Cena Elementary School
  • Drew Brees Elementary
  • Bruce Lee Elementary
  • Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance (With 8 nominations.)

That’s an interesting list indeed. My top 3, in no particular order: Donald J. Trump Elementary, Idiocaracy Elementary, and Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance.

h/t FOX 7 Austin

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