Video: Kanye West Smiling At NBA Playoffs

I’ve been a fan of Kanye’s music since he came on the scene, and so was a lot of other people. As of late, though, many people don’t seem to like Kanye as much. After some life changing events, Kanye himself, seems to have crossed over to the darkside.

I have always felt Kanye was trolling people. I think he has been doing all of these, offbeat things, as a way to keep people talking about him. The “Angry” Kanye look is one of those things I feel he uses to troll the public.

Sitting court side with Scottie Pippen at a Bulls/Cavs playoof game, the cameras caught Kanye with a vintage smile on his face. But as soon as he noticed the camera, he brought the scowl back with the swiftness.

Kanye needs to bring back that smile, and vintage Kanye music.

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