Video: Boxer Admits Taking Dive Against Mickey Rourke

Last month, Mickey Rourke (6-0-2) returned to the boxing ring after 20 years, for an exhibition against Elliot Seymour (1-9). The even took place in Moscow, Russia. It was the way the fight ended that was questionable. Now we know why.

Looks like 62-year-old Hollywood action star Mickey Rourke, who laced up the boxing gloves earlier this month in Russia, was given a patsy by his inner circle to help guarantee a win. That man, Elliot Seymour, is now singing like a canary after getting stiffed on the second part of his $15,000 purse, according to TMZ. Rourke’s manager, naturally, denies the claim and insists Seymour is chirping away to draw more attention — and money — for himself.

H/T MMAMania


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