Video: Mickey Rourke Victorious In Comeback Boxing Match

Before entering the ring for the first time in 20 years, Mickey Rourke admitted to a reporter that he was indeed nervous, but the entire experience saved him from some things in life.

Rourke (6-0-2) took on Elliot Seymour (1-9) in Moscow, Russia, in a five-round exhibition. Rourke would earn the victory in the first, by stoppage via TKO in the second round.

As soon as the opening bell sounded, Rourke immediately attacked Seymour by rushing across the ring to throw a barrage of punches. After things settled down, Seymour attempted to work his jab, but left some holes and Rourke was able to capitalize on a few hard shots. Seymour landed a shot to the body, that when Rourke began acting like he was hurt; playing possum, but the big left didn’t land.

In the second round, Seymour presses Rourke against the ropes, and out of nowhere, Rourke lands a slapping right hook to the body, and sends Seymour down to a knee. He was able to recover, but Rourke immediately went in for the kill, landing a double left hook to the body, Seymour didn’t look like he was getting back up, the ref waived it off.

I know people have their demons, and need outlets, but lets hope this is it for Mickey Rourke in the boxing ring. Unless they’re bringing in more guys of Elliot Seymour’s caliber, Rourke could potentially get hurt from taking unnecessary shots to the head, especially at 62 years old.

UPDATED: Here is video of the finish.

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