Matt Betzold Looking To Beat Respect Into Opponent

It was recently announced that Legacy FC had signed amputee fighter, Matt Betzold to a multi-fight contract. There has not been any confirmation from Legacy on who he will face in his debut at Legacy 39 in Houston. But through Facebook, Betzold states he will be fighting Ryan Hollis (8-4).

Matt Betzold was under contract with WSOF, but never fought for them. Eventually, he was released from his contract, “NBC [network which WSOF airs] said they didn’t want any amputees fighting on their network,” states Betzold.

The opportunity of fighting on TV didn’t end with his release from WSOF, he now has the chance to fight on AXS TV. When fighting on TV, sometimes there is added pressure, not to mention being physically handicapped. But for Betzold, there is no pressure. “I visualize being in a dark alley and only one of us will walk out alive and I was never good at dying.”

In regards to his opponent, there’s no love lost between the two. According to Betzold, Hollis made some remarks in regards to being a freak show, but it wasn’t until he allegedly directed comments at his wife, that sent him over the edge.

“He went to far when he called my wife a bitch and told her to get off Facebook and get back in the kitchen where she belongs. I have a wife, a daughter, a mother, grand mothers, mother in laws, sisters,aunts,nieces etc in which I love a respect so I don’t know where he’s coming from. I feel it’s my duty to beat some respect in this little punk.”

Betzold isn’t worried about Hollis’ long frame. He is training and strategizing with his team over at Alpha Male, and plans to sub his opponent in the first round.

Stay tuned to get confirmation on the fight, and other news on Legacy 39.

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