Simon Marcus: The Underdog Story

When sports fans think of Toronto, they think of the 13 Stanley Cups the Maple Leafs have, or of Vince Carter’s high flying dunks. Rarely do you associate the city with Muay Thai and kickboxing. Simon Marcus is looking to change that.

Growing up, Simon Marcus was an active kid who liked to fight. Bored with school, he was often in trouble for being disobedient and fighting. This continued into his teens, up until he found himself in trouble with the law. After doing three months in a youth detention center, Simon Marcus decided it was time for a positive change in his life. “A teen friend of mine told me about a Muay Thai gym up the street from our high school” said Marcus. “I started training and never looked back.”

Early in his career, the “Bad Bwoy” learned that to be successful he would have to work hard. After 3 fights, his record was 0 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. “I dedicated myself fully to my art, and trained hard to become IFMA World Amateur Champion in 2007.” In 2008, he experienced another loss in the IFMA finals, leaving a bad taste in his mouth. “I trained harder than ever and haven’t lost a match since.” Now with a professional Muay Thai record of 39-0, Marcus is set to take on the biggest challenge of his life.

On Saturday, June 21st, Glory is having an eight man, kickboxing tournament; all taking place in one night. Although possessing the necessary skills and conditioning, Marcus is an underdog. Critics say that even with an undefeated record, Marcus will have to prove himself in the kickboxing world. He will be unable to use his clinch or elbows. “I feel I should be the favorite. I have beat 3 of the top fighters in the tournament. Also, being the only traditional Muay Thai fighter in the tournament, I feel my body will be stronger than the opposition.” In a tournament that includes Artem Levine, Joe Schilling, and Melvin Manhoef, Simon Marcus has his work cut out for him. He will have to defeat three opponents in one night to become the Last Man Standing, and to bring the championship back to Canada.

Although outsiders feel the bigger names have the upper hand, the “Bad Bwoy” feels he has something the others don’t. “The main thing that will set me apart from the other seven is my heart. I have the heart of a lion, and I am willing to give everything I have in the ring to attain victory.” On Saturday night, a night where fighters will face multiple opponents, only the strong will survive.

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