Chris Rivera Looks To Rebound At SCC 4

August 2nd, Superior Combative Championships will make its return to Galveston, TX for SCC 4. There will be a middleweight title fight between Drew Martinez and Chad Box. There are 15 other fights on the card as well, so there will be plenty of action in Galveston; I caught up with Flyweight fighter Chris Rivera who will be taking on Nico Daily; he wants to try to get in his head and make him cry. He was pretty tough to break though.

Chris Rivera originally from California, is 21 years old and has been training in MMA for the past three years. After a few amateur fights under his belt he is ready for more, and is willing to put it all on the line for the victory. Although Rivera is not too familiar with Nico Daily, his game plan will be the same as it always has been, “[Chris Rivera’s] game plan is always to adapt and counter with what’s going on with his game plan and to always pressure my opponent.” Although he hasn’t achieved a KO yet, he hopes to change that soon.

I asked Chris what it was like being face to face with his opponent right before the fight, when the referee is giving his final instructions and he is seconds away from fighting. Rivera said, “It’s pretty nerve wrecking. Not much is going on in my head though. It can be hard to focus at times, but it’s really up to you as an individual to surpass the stress that could consume you at that very moment. It’s hard to describe. It’s unlike any feeling, and it trips me out every time. All about getting your head in the game I guess.” Rivera has been wrestling since the age of 12, so he is no stranger to tough competition.

As for his plans for this year, “keep on truckin’ to the top”. He recently loss a title fight for Legacy Amateur Series and is ready to get right back in title contention. As far as those who have helped with his training for this fight, “I’d like to thank all the folks at ACS, as well as my brother and Coach Forsman.”

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