SCC 4: A Tribute To Dustin Creekmore – Fight Card (Aug. 2, 2013)

Superior Combative Championships returns to the Galveston Convention Center August 2nd, for SCC 4. Although the card is tentative, it is shaping up to be something nice. The middleweight title is on the line between Drew Martinez and Chad Box. There are other notable names like Nico Echeverry, Edward Longoria, and Chris Rivera that will be featured on the card.

Like all amateur cards, there are some familiar faces returning as well as debuting fighters. Make sure to come out and support your local fighters.

Fight Card (Pending TDLR Approval):

185 Title – Drew Martinez vs. Chad Box

170 – Fabien Galavez vs. Dominique Robinson

155 – Kevin Lieb vs. Eric Cody

155 – Nico Echeverry vs. David Kelly

HVY РDanny Orr vs. Tyler Morrison

135 – Jose Solis vs. Edward Longoria

125 – Chris Rivera vs. Nico Daily

155 – Jeff Spangler vs. Jaime Deleon

135 – Jonathan Walker vs. Justin Salinas

145 – Paulo Alcozer vs. EJ Turner

155 – Terrel Collins vs. TBA

145 – TBA vs. Andrew Miller

205 – Eddie Gonzalez vs. Casey Malik

125 – Robert Walker vs. Daniel Turner

155 – Mario Gonzalez vs. Anthony Tsafantakis

185 – CJ Hancock vs. Rudy Alvarado

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