Video: History of WMMA

There are critics of everything in life, especially when it comes to sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, football, or even MMA, there are critics. These critics couldn’t be any louder than when it comes to women’s sports. There are people who feel that women can’t compete at the same level as men; for whatever reason, they simply don’t have the same skill level or athletic ability. Look at two of the most popular sports, basketball and football. Both genders compete in these sports, but when it comes to women playing them, some say they might as well not exist.

MMA on the other hand, it is competition in its purest form. Two individuals step into a cage, and they fight to determine who is the best at that given moment. Over the years, we have seen WMMA grow from possibly having just a single woman’s fight on a card, to now having a promotion that puts together an entire card solely with female fighters. We have the top MMA promotion in the world, where the president said it would never have a female fight on a card, to having a champion in her division; you can argue that she is one of the most popular fighters in the world right now as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, if someone is a fan of the sport of MMA and you are a skilled fighter, they should want to watch you fight. I have trained with someone skilled female fighters and they put in just as much work as men, if not more. I hope that in due time, there is no gender line involved with MMA, and just two individuals stepping into a cage and competing to see who is the best.

I recently came across this video produced by Cynthia Vance (@CynthiaVance) documenting the history of Women’s MMA. I have seen some great pieces before, but this one is exceptional. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Women’s MMA or not, take time out to give it a view.

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