Cage Combat 14 Interview with Garvens Brun

Garvens Brun may not be a familiar one to local MMA fans yet, but just wait. At only 17 years of age he is prepping for his second amateur MMA fight On Friday May 17th at The Humble Civic Center for Cage Combat 14. I noticed Garvens at his first fight when he defeated his opponent by first round TKO. 

Mark Carrillo: How long have you been training and where at? You’re still in high school right? How old are you?

Garvens Brun: I’ve been training for about 2 years at Kingwood MMA. I’m a junior in high school and I’m 17.

MC: How was it winning your first fight in exciting fashion?

GB: I was very excited to win with a TKO especially since it was my 1st fight.

MC: What will be your game plan coming into this fight?

GB: My game plan for the next fight will be to utilize my striking and stuffing the take down, and winning of course.

MC: You’re a young man. What can we expect from you in the future?

GB: In the future I want to become a pro fighter and eventually enter the UFC.

MC: Anyone out there you want to thank?

GB: I want to give a shout out to my gym (Kingwood MMA), my family, and friends for all the support.

Well he is a man of few words but many punches, so be sure to come check out Garvens and many other fighters Friday May 17th at The Humble Civic Center.

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