Legacy 18 Pre-Fight Interview With Jermaine Anugwom

I caught up with Legacy fighter Jermaine Anugwom before a photo shoot for the gym was getting ready to take place. Naturally the photographer saw me and wanted me in some shots so be on the lookout for those on WindySportandFitness.com, spoiler alert I’m doing the Burt Reynolds’s Playgirl pose but way better. Anyways, enough about me let’s get to the real reason I was at the photo shoot, to interview Jermaine on his upcoming fight with Chris Reed.

MC: You have your fight with Chris Reed coming up March 1st at Legacy FC 18 in Houston. You have been training in College Station, Austin, and the Houston area for this fight. How prepared do you feel for your fight?
JA: Man I feel really good, really prepared for this fight. Really this has been one of the hardest training regiments that I’ve been through. I’m kind of burnt out on training but I feel really prepared, I’ve been working enough of my game plan enough of my wrestling and striking to put on a great show March 1st.
MC: Word is this is Chris Reed’s last fight, which we’ve heard before. Do you plan on taking it easy on him?
JA: Hahaha. Chris has made this entire little Facebook thing about this being his last fight, but you know I don’t know if this is his last fight or not I’m not going to take it easy on him though. I like Chris you know? But a fight is a fight, and it’s going to be a good one, because if it is his last fight then I know he’s going to bring it. So I’m expecting a lot from him.
MC: Now I have had the pleasure of sparring with you in preparation for this fight. Do you think my sparring alone will help you win?
JA: Yes, yes. (There was no laughing there; he was serious as a heart attack)
MC: What can MMA fans expect from you in 2013? More fights? Working at the gym more? You’re a busy man.
JA: You can expect a lot from me this year, last year I had some Muay Thai fights overseas but this year I’m really trying to fight at least three or four times, at least. So I have some stuff coming up pretty soon after this bout, but for right now I’m only concerned about this fight. You know same old, same old working at the gym, trying to fight as much as I can or the gym will allow me; and just stay in shape. That’s my main goal after fighting, is to stay in fighting shape not going all the way back up to 230-245 lbs, just staying real nice and lean.
Now this fight was suppose to happen a couple times before. Have you changed the way you trained for this fight as opposed to last couple times that this fight was supposed to happen?

JA: Not really because it’s the same guy, the same circumstances where I was training in Austin and here in College Station and things like that, so my tactics haven’t changed training for Chris. I think this is the third or fourth time we were suppose to fight, and it’s finally happening I just got hurt during training last time and had to pull out the fight.
MC: Your Muay Thai to me is your strongest aspect of fighting however; you have been working on your ground game and takedown defense lately. I personally think after sparring and rolling with you your ground game has really improved lately. How do you feel about it?
JA: I feel really confident in it, I know Chris is a strong guy and I’m ready for that. My takedown defense and scramble is going to be real important, and I am ready for that.
MC: So tell us about your gym here in College Station, Windy Sport and Fitness.
JA: Biggest gym in College Station, we are very different than everybody else. It’s very diverse here, a great family atmosphere, we have got everything you need. It’s a small gym but it’s turning into something big, we’re putting out a lot of fighters and things like that. We also offer a variety of martial arts here from Krav Maga to Capoeira to fitness and kid’s classes, so we do it all.
MC: Will you thank me personally after you win? Nothing big, just something along the lines of Anderson Silva thanking Steven Segal after he won.
JA: Once I win I’m going to find you in the crowd and thank you and probably buy you a beer.
MC: After knowing you a couple years I notice you’re a fan of making your own guns. Will they need to pat you down twice before you enter the cage?
JA: Hahaha, yeah it’s a hobby of mine to make guns and I really enjoy it but I don’t think they will need to pat me down twice.
MC: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me, I wish you luck and will be there in attendance rooting for you, waiting for that beer. Anyone out there you want to thank?
JA: First I want to thank you Mark Carrillo for doing this interview, and also Mike “The Truth” Jackson that’s my buddy. Ground Dwellers BJJ in Houston under Professor Eddie Avelar, Austin Muay Thai, Elton Wells; Brett Boyce congrats to him and his wife on the new baby, and everybody at Windy Sport and Fitness, and also all my friends and family.

Be sure to watch Jermaine at Legacy FC 18 in Houston March 1st. Follow him on Twitter @WindySports and check out his gym online at WindySportandFitness.com

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