Legacy 18 Interview With Jennifer Scott

I had the chance to chat it up with the lovely Jennifer Scott of 4oz Fight Club, before she fights March 1st at Legacy 18 against Lauren Taylor. This mother of one is ready to make a statement in the women’s division, and isn’t going to let anyone stand in her way.

MC: You were a former Hawaiian Tropics Bikini Model, you were a female football player, a pro boxer, and now a pro MMA fighter. What made you settle for fighting? Not many people get hurt modeling.
JS: I started Boxing as a form of fitness to look good on stage in a bikini, and then I fell in love with the sport. Then had issues getting opponents in boxing so made the transition to MMA and started training different disciplines and as far as football I’m just in off season at the moment that will resume again in spring.
MC: I see you have a son, does all the hard work you put into the gym interfere with you getting to see him? If so how does that make you feel?
JS: Nope not at all…I see him every day and we have OUR time together, he’s sitting next to me right now as I get interviewed lol.
MC: Being that you are also a Pro Boxer, I would think you enjoy stand up fights. Am I right?
JS: I definitely do enjoy a good fight full of striking but I can appreciate the skill of fluid movement on the ground.
MC: You’re fighting your newly named opponent Lauren Taylor who is 4-0 with 4 TKO’s. This seems like a very fun fight to watch. What can we expect from this fight?
JS: You can expect an exciting, nail biting, most gruesome fight. I’m trained to dominate and destroy.
MC: I saw in an old interview you did where you mentioned Anderson Silva was your favorite fighter. He’s mine too. What if I told you I can introduce you to him after your Legacy 18 fight March 1st? How many cool points would I get from you?
JS: Cool points?? Who wins on points? Where I come from we FINISH things! Lol I think Anderson Silvia would be someone I would actually feel or get starstruck by.
MC: Me too. Well I can’t introduce you to him but my buddy Glover will be there, he looks just like him except for being short, white, and having long hair. Now I have practiced some Muay Thai at Windy Sport and Fitness for a little over a year now. You think you can beat me up?
JS: You wouldn’t be the first guy that I have beaten up. (You heard it here at MikeTheTruth.com first! Jennifer Scott is a man abuser.)
MC: Now you told me you never get hit on, I find that hard to believe after creeping through your Facebook photos. How many guys have you had to throw a jab at to get out your face?
JS: First of all I didn’t say that I never get hit on, I said it wouldn’t be the first or second CREEPER lol, and as far as throwing a jab in someone’s face to get them to leave me alone…. doesn’t happen! Outside of the ring/cage, or gym I am a very passive and fun person…not too much really upsets me unless you start grabbing on me totally UNACCEPTABLE!!
MC: Well everyone here at MikeTheTruth.com will be rooting for you March 1st at Legacy 18 when you fight Lauren Taylor. Is there anyone out there you would like to thank before we end this interview and I get back to looking at your Facebook photos?
JS: Thanks for all the love from MikeTheTruth.com and of course I would like to thank all my coaches and teammates from IVoz Fight Club, friends, family, fans and especially my sponsors…fight shop, arm bar submission gear, Specialized Hydraulic Services Inc and Demon Ink, and St. Michael’s Emergency Room. Enjoy returning back to my Facebook pictures lol and thanks for the interview…hope to see you out at the fights March 1st!

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