Miesha Tate Talks About Ronda and PVZ

Video: Miesha Tate Explains Why Ronda Rousey Told PVZ “F**k you fairweather b***h”

Miesha Tate was on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast today, and she shared a story that was told to her by Paige VanZant about a Ronda Rousey interaction. While at a VIP party, PVZ went to ask Ronda Rousey for an autograph, Rousey allegedly responded with “fuck you fairweather bitch. You congratulated [Holly] Holm.” Well, that’s harsh.

Pro-Trump Tow Truck Driver

Video: Pro-Trump Tow Truck Driver Leaves Disabled Sanders Support On The Side Of The Road

I wonder if Donald Trump would condone the actions of this tow truck driver. Cassy McWade was in a car accident and needed a tow. Her regular mechanic was unable to make the 45 minute drive from her hometown to assist. McWade had to go with a different driver. The driver that came was a Donald Trump […]