Legacy 18 Interview With Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis

I spoke with Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis via Facebook before his Legacy Title fight March 1st in Houston, TX against Ricky Shivers. I have never met Derrick personally, but I can say I’m scared shitless of him. I watched some of his old fights on YouTube, and I would gladly give up my lunch money to this dude. He’s freakishly huge, throws big guys around like they’re his little brother, and he punches with dynamite in his fists. So we messaged back and forth, chop and screwed the interview and here’s what we came up with.

MC: So tell the fans of MikeTheTruth.com a little about yourself. Where do you train out of? What got you into MMA?
DL: I train out of Silverback Gym in Houston, TX. I got started into MMA because of a friend of mine, Carl Carrillo (no relation) he was damn near begging me to go check out Tony’s Silverback Gym. Carl always believed that I could dominate the sport.
MC: You have 8 Pro wins 7 of them by KO/TKO. Is it okay to assume you punch hard? Do you think you can punch harder than me? I’m 165lbs of twisted steel and metal.
DL: I really have 9 KO/TKO’s one was called a no contest. (bullshit) I hit hard as shit every time I hit my opponent. (Noticed how he didn’t answer if he could knock me out? The long hair scares some people.)
MC: I see you played a little college football at Kilgore College. I’m assuming you were not a Quarterback. What position did you play?
DL: I played defensive end and started.
MC: I also see you went to prison for a little while. What happened there? How was prison life? How has it changed you?
DL: I went to prison for being immature, young, and dumb. I beat the shit out of a KKK member for trying to hunt me down in my neighborhood, so it ended pretty badly for him. I’m not proud of going to prison at all; but it helped me become a better person and man that my grandfather had been trying to help me become. If I could go back and change things I wouldn’t. I needed a wake-up call like that to really change me.
MC: Now you have only gone the distance twice in you pro career, I assume you don’t plan on going the distance against Shivers. However, he’s only been knocked out once in 19 pro fights. Are you going to change that?
DL: I will knock my opponent out, and the only reason he has only been knocked out once is because he’s never fought a Beast like me, He’s not my toughest opponent but I’m his toughest and come march 1st you will see that, I PROMISE.
MC: What can MMA fans expect to see from Derrick Lewis in 2013?
DL: Expect nothing but greatness and entertaining fights!
MC: Anyone out there you want to thank before we wrap this interview up?
DL: My family, my gym, my manager team, B3 Sports. Demon Ink, Sharky’s Sports Bar, Blue Label Vodka, and J’s Pool.

Thank you again Derrick for taking time to do this interview with myself and MikeTheTruth.com, I wish you the best of luck March 1st. You can follow Derrick on Twitter @THEBLACKBEAST_. Get tickets to Legacy 18 at CageTix.com.

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