Interview With Randy McCullough Before His CDM Fight

You want to see a good old fashion scrap? Make sure to make it to the Brazos Center this Saturday to see Randy McCullough fight. This dude is tough as they come; he wakes up early everyday to work his construction job, then comes straight to the gym for hardcore training, and then gets his car backed into. (My bad) I had a talk with Randy to see how things have been going for this fight.

MC: How’s training been going for this fight?
RM: It’s been going great! My schedules been real hectic with family, work and the gym, but I manage.
MC: Who is your opponent? What will be your game plan?
RM: My opponent is Jose Solis. I don’t know much about him except that he beat Luis Deleon and lost to Roberto Sanchez. My game plan will be to knock him out of course. I want to put on a good fight for my hometown!
MC: You’re a pretty scrappy fighter. What makes you want to fight?
RM: Haha, Man I don’t know why I like to fight; I’ve just always done it! I was a real small kid I weighed 102 pounds in high school no joke, and kind of got pushed around and that caused a lot of fights. I got kicked out of damn near every school I went to for fighting. My poor mamma, sorry mom! Anyway, then I went to the army, gained some weight, learned just enough jitz to get my ass whooped, and fell in love with MMA.
MC: Any extra pressure on you fighting in your hometown?
RM: Man there might be just a little more pressure, haha. I’m going to have a lot of friends out there cheering for me and I would hate to let them down. But I’m just going to go out there and put on a great show for everybody!
MC: You choked me out 3 times yesterday, and I’ve been known to place 4th place in a couple grappling tournaments. How confident are you if the fight goes to the ground?
RM: If it goes to the ground I have no problems putting him to sleep! And by the way my ankle is a little sore from that shit you showed me, maybe I’ll tap him out with that? That’s submission of the year type shit bro! (Compliments of Eddie Avelar at Ground Dwellers Gym)
MC: What can we expect from you in 2013?
RM: In 2013 my game plan is to just build up my record, I fought some tough guys and my record isn’t where I want it to be. There’s always room for improvement, and that’s what I want to do this year improve.
MC: Can I walk out with you shooting roman candles on the way to the cage?
RM: Dude you sure as hell can!! In fact I’ll supply the roman candles, you just wear that getup from the photo shoot, deal?
MC: Hell yeah! Not sure what The Brazos Center’s policy is on indoor fireworks but I know like four exits out that place. Anyone out there you want thank?
RM: Yea I want to thank my coaches Jermaine, Bobby, Trent and Arturo. All my training partners at Windy, yourself included, everyone at, and my family for supporting me and last but not least……..I need your insurance info for backing into my car after class!!! Haha no but seriously.

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