Video: Jon Jones With The DX Crotch Chop At Unstoppable Press Conference

In his first UFC appearance since returning from his suspension, Jon Jones was in attendance at the Unstoppable press conference. Jones will face Daniel Cormier for the light-heavyweight title at UFC 197. Jon Jones was stripped of the title after the hit and run accident last year, and DC subsequently won it after defeating Anthony Johnson. […]

Video: Fighter KO’d with Rock Bottom at Pancrase 271

I wonder if Yuki Baba can now smell what Luis Alberto Nogueira was cookin’? Pancrase 271 aired on UFC Fight Pass from Tokyo, Japan, on Halloween. In one of the prelim fights, Luis Alberto Nogueira landed a variation of the “Rock Bottom” slam on Yuki Baba. Baba was on unconscious once he hit the mat. h/t […]

Video: Guy Gives His Chick WWE Finishers In The Pool

There’s a possibility Joe Weller came up with this masterful plan after the RKO phenomenon took off, but whatever gave him this idea, I’m thankful. Joe gets his lady, I’m assuming, to allow him to perform several WWE finishing moves on her into a pool. I know her back was red after taking that “Last Ride”. […]

Video: Jon Jones Retains Title, Give DX Crotch Chop

Jon Jones defended his light-heavyweight title at UFC 182 against Daniel Cormier. Although a close fight, the judges gave Jon 4 rounds to 1 for Cormier. With all the bad blood, the end of the fight was unlikely to squash the beef between the two. In what seemed like Jones beginning his “heel turn”, He […]