Video: Willie D’s Official Music Video For ‘Coon 2’ Dissing Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, and More

There are several high profiled minorities who either ride the fence on race issues or try to pretend they don’t actually exist. Well, if you don’t select a side, you automatically chose the side of the oppressor. Wille D has released a part two of what now seems like a ‘Coon’ series. The original ‘Coon’ song is a […]

Video: Willie D ‘Coon’ Official Music Video

Willie D, of the Geto Boys, has been making noise lately with his new single ‘Coon’. Willie D’s description of a ‘coon’ is a black person whose criticism of the black community outweighs their contribution. In his song, he attacks Stacey Dash, Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith, and Don Lemon directly. With the growing interest in the […]