Video: Black Woman Intervenes, With Her Hands, When Racist Thug Calls Black Guy “Monkey Man” At Sushi Restaurant

Okay, first off, why can’t Black people just do Black people stuff without being harassed by white mediocrity and its henchmen? Secondly, why can’t said yakibian devils just modulate their desire to control everything and everyone. Which now brings me to a recent incident that took place this past Mother’s Day, in Los Angeles. According […]

16-Year-Old Son Knocks Out Elderly Father Over Dinnertime Texting Outside of Cape Cod Restaurant

I had an idea of this thug’s race when I read the headline. I then saw the incident happened outside of restaurant in Cape Code, Massachusetts, which is a town that is 95% white; plus, he punched his elderly father over texting. Police say a father was knocked unconscious by his son outside a Cape […]

Video: Thugs Demonstrate White Privilege By Walking Into Police Station While Open Carrying

Honestly, I get the point these guys were trying to make, even though it’s a ridiculous one. James V Baker and his posse paid a visit to the Dearborn Police Station to file a complaint about being pulled over earlier that day. While entering the building, the thugs were equipped with not only their cameras, but also, […]

Black Georgia State Student Asked To Give Up Seat In Packed Classroom For Late White Student

I’ve been the only black student in a class full of white people; hello Texas A&M. I commend Drew for how he handled this classroom situation. I personally would have had harsher words, but everyone handles things differently. While waiting for class to begin, Drew sat in a packed room with no open seats, at a table […]

Stanford Swimmer Who Raped Unconscious Woman Gets Short Sentence Because #WhitePrivilege

Given the current state of race issues in our country, I’m not the least bit surprised. We all know this would be a different story if the person were of non-white ethnicity. Brock Allen Turner, 20, is a former Stanford swimmer and US Olympic trialist. In January of 2015, Turner raped an unconscious 23-year-old woman […]