Video: Conor McGregor Goes Super Saiyan To Defeat Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205

When the internet isn’t trolling, it can be an amazing place. The most recent example, the internet gives us Conor McGregor going Super Saiyan on Eddie Alvarez. Watching the 4-punch combo from McGregor to finish Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 looked like something out of a video game. This video just gives us the hair […]

Video: Nate Diaz Discusses UFC 205, Conor McGregor’s Win, and UFC Not Giving Him Tickets

We haven’t heard much from Nate Diaz about UFC 205 and Conor McGregor. There was news that Diaz and crew crashed McGregor’s UFC 205 after party, the one where McGregor was seen singing “Fuck Donald Trump”, but no video outside of Nate walking away has been shown. Nate Diaz went on ESPN’s TKOkamoto to talk about […]

Video: Conor McGregor Sings Along With “F*ck Donald Trump” Song At UFC 205 After Party

Dana White may not be happy with the newly crowned lightweight champion. White was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention on behalf of the now President-elect, Donald Trump. After his historic win at UFC 205, Conor McGregor attended his after-party, celebrating at the Marquee nightclub in NYC. The DJ began playing YG & Nipsey […]

Video: Conor McGregor Makes History In Madison Square Garden, Irish Fans Cause Gridlock

UFC 205 capped off with a historical performance from “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. With a nearly flawless performance, McGregor dethroned the now former lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez, with a third round knockout. McGregor is known for down talking other fighters in and out of his division, and after his knockout win over Eddie Alvarez to […]

Video: Miesha Tate Announces Her Retirement After Loss To Raquel Pennington At #UFC205

Definitely one of the pioneers of  women’s MMA, Miesha Tate has announced her retirement from the sport of MMA. Miesha Tate faced Rael Pennington at UFC 205 in New York City and suffered a decision loss. The former champion, who coached Pennington on TUF 18, said, “It’s not my time anymore.” What will Tate’s legacy be? Wait WHAT?! Thank […]

Video: Eddie Alvarez Walks Out of UFC 205 Press Conference, Conor Makes A Pimpin’ Entrance

One thing MMA fans can count on, Conor McGregor will be late to a press conference. Conor told the crowd, “sorry, I’m late. I just don’t give a fuck!” Prior to McGregor entering the room, Eddie Alvarez decided to leave because McGregor was late, and because and were heckling him. Alvarez says he’s half Irish, […]

Video: Conor McGregor Discusses UFC 205, Basketball, Donald Trump, NYC Protest, and Relationship With Dana

Just about every major media outlet is clamoring to get soundbites and quotes from Mystic Mac. Conor McGregor, being one of the largest draws in the history of the sport, is Conor McGregor, being one of the largest draws in the history of the sport, is set to headline the biggest card in the promotion’s history, […]