Video: Petition For Conor McGregor on 1 Euro Coin ‘Inadmissible’

The star power that Conor McGregor is out of sight. Last month, Patrick O’Leary put together a petition to the Oireachtas to have Conor McGregor’s image featured on the €1 coin; this was after McGregor KO’s Jose Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194. Today, the committee chairman, Pádraig MacLochlainn TD, revealed that they were unable to contact O’Leary, […]

Photo: Conor McGregor Has ’13 Seconds’ Beer Sold In Dublin Pub

It’s good to be king, yeah? It is only fitting that Conor McGregor would have some type of alcoholic beverage named in his honor. A pub in Dublin, Ireland is selling a special beer called ’13 Seconds’. The name correlates with the time it took for McGregor to dethrone the former UFC Featherweight Champion, Jose […]

Video: Conor McGregor’s KO Over Jose Aldo At UFC 194 Gets Claymated

In a matter of 13 seconds, Conor McGregor was able to dethrone former featherweight champion Jose Aldo, at UFC 194. Azxd was able to claymate the entire fight. And to give a little extra at the end, Claymation Conor McGregor made it rain on the crowd. View this post on Instagram THE NOTORIOUS A post shared by […]

Video: Jeff Mayweather Wants To Know If Conor McGregor Is The Next Floyd Mayweather

One that bothers me about Floyd’s yes men when ask if there will ever be another Floyd Mayweather Jr., they always say no, or X named fighter has to make this large some of money. I thought this was boxing, or fighting in general in this case. Jeff Mayweather, who is involved somewhat in MMA, […]

Irish Consulate Trolls Jose Aldo After UFC 194 Loss

When it rains, it pours, so to speak. Moments after Jose Aldo’s knockout loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 194, the Irish Consulate in San Francisco took to twitter to give helpful words to its Irish citizens who were in Vegas. The Irish Consulate in San Francisco is charged with promoting Irish interests in the Western […]

Video: Compilation of Fan Reactions to McGregor’s KO Over Aldo at UFC 194

When Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo, the MMA world was turned on its head. The brash McGregor had overthrown the king of the featherweight division. Here’s a compilation video of fan’s reactions from all over the world. My favorite has to be at the 3:37 mark. Dude doesn’t even flinch.

Video: Conor McGregor’s 13-Second KO of Jose Aldo Gets Street Fighter Treatment

Well, you know it was only a matter of time before the internet would swarm on Conor McGregor’s knockout of Jose Aldo at UFC 194. The memes similar to what was saw with Manny Pacquiao and Ronda Rousey have not popped up yet, but the videos that have hit my social media feeds have been legit. Here’s […]