Video: UFC on FOX 17 Tommy Toe Hold Postmortem

Tommy Toe Hold is back, to the maximum effect, with the UFC on FOX 17 Postmortem. Conor McGregor blessed the other fighters, and it was a magical, parody, experience.

Video: Sage Northcutt On Tommy Toe Hold’s UFC 192 Postmortem

The Tommy Toe Hold Show is one of the funniest MMA shows ever, and I’m glad I can call him a friend (yes, I’m friends with a cartoon, and I don’t care). With Jon Jones coming back to the real world, I’m glad to see one of my favorite characters back on the show. But, […]

Video: Tommy Toe Hold’s Chuck Liddell Gives His Take On PEDs

Chuck Liddell (not the real one) went on the Tommy Toe Hold Show with a welcome to the UFC video for incoming fighters. The penalties for using PED’s was spot on; if only they were a reality. I don’t know which is worst, being hunted by predators, or listening to Vitor Belfort complain about people […]