Photo: Donald Trump Jr. Attempts To Teach Daughter About Socialism via Trick-or-Treating, Twitter Responds

I personally look forward to waking up and reading what the Thug-in-Chief, Donald Trump, has tweeted. But it’s Halloween, let’s see what Jr has to say. Although the tweet came in the afternoon, Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of his daughter Chloe with a bucket of candy, which I presume is from some trick-or-treating […]

Video: Halloween Trick or Treat Promo For UFC 193

With Halloween this Saturday, the kids will be out in full force now that the holiday takes place on the weekend. The UFC decided to capitalize off of the frightful holiday, and produced a promo video for UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm. When kids go door to door on Halloween while trick or treating, some like to […]