Video: Yakubian Thugs Tried To ‘Keep It Real’ With Their Racism, “Beaner” Latino Family Showed Them How Wrong They Were

I’ll be honest with you, I’m happy this incident took place. My biggest issue with a racist isn’t their racism (people have the freedom to think what they want), it’s that they try to hide their racism and keep it a secret. No, no, racist thugs. I want you to exude your hate, show the […]

Video: Thugs Demonstrate White Privilege By Walking Into Police Station While Open Carrying

Honestly, I get the point these guys were trying to make, even though it’s a ridiculous one. James V Baker and his posse paid a visit to the Dearborn Police Station to file a complaint about being pulled over earlier that day. While entering the building, the thugs were equipped with not only their cameras, but also, […]

Video: LSU Fan Gets Knocked Out & Beer Poured on Him While Brawling With Other Thugs

Living the thug life can be hard sometimes, and one LSU fan found that out, once he woke up from a nap. During a tailgate this past weekend at the LSU game against Mississippi State, a brawl broke out between fans, and bodies and beer were flying. Jersey Wearing LSU Thug (wearing #10 jersey) dropped […]

Video: Trump Supporting Thugs Attack Code Pink Activist at RNC For Holding ‘No Hate’ Sign

What’s a Trump gathering without someone getting tossed out? At the 2016 Republican National Convention, the now Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, was yet again, met with protesters. Members of the anti-war group ‘Code Pink’ infiltrated the RNC and had a simple message, ‘No Hate’ & ‘No Racism’. Before the activists were escorted out of the […]