Video: Florida Teen Arrested After Botched RKO Attempt On The School Principal

Horrible setup to one of the greatest wrestling finishers; I will always call it the ‘Diamond Cutter’… BANG! 18-year-old Gianny Sosa, of Miami Southridge Senior High School, was arrested on Wednesday for attempting to RKO his principle. For the setup, little Gianny deserves a Saturday dentition at best, not an entire trip to jail. “Cellphone […]

Video: Teen Loses Arm in Failed Craigslist Robbery

See kids, crime doesn’t pay. Well, I guess he paid with his arm. Here’s the run down on the story: a man list Jordan’s on Craigslist, another guy responds to ad, they meet to complete the transaction, buyer pulls gun and takes J’s, the owner runs bad guy over, they both go to jail; well, […]