Video: Pat Miletich Fired From Legacy Fighting Alliance As A Consequence For Supporting Domestic Terrorism at the Failed #trumpCoup In Washington (Updated)

Newton’s third law of motion states, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, actions have consequences, and MMA pioneer Pat Miletich found that out the hard way. Maga Miletich took to his Instagram to announce his removal from the Legacy Fighting Alliance broadcast team due to his association with […]

Video: “Hoverboarding” Priest Suspended For Rolling Down The Aisle During Christmas Eve Mass

Either this church in the San Pablo Diocese of Manila has been lucrative, or priest get a nice discount on the hottest item for this season of gift giving (pun intended). MANILA, Phillippines – Viral video of a priest hoverboarding into Christmas Eve Mass has led to his temporary suspension. The video shows the congregation […]