Video: Bat Wielding Motorist and Friend Get Washed By a Trained Fighter In Road Rage Incident

People need to know the right times to “keep it real”. Sometimes, keeping it real can go wrong. When the video starts, one motorist honks his horn at what appears to be another motorist just sitting at an intersection. The motorist in front wasn’t too pleased and thought he was going to intimidate the honking […]

Video: Men Attack Each Other With a Bat and Stick in an Austin, Tx Intersection

Looks like dude was channeling his inner Casey Jones, except he didn’t use a Jose Canseco bat. Video by a Twitter user appears to show a man with a baseball bat approaching a truck. The driver exits, finds a long pole and swings it at the man. Police are reviewing the case, Fox 7 reported. […]

Video: Black Patrons Defend Asian Store Owner Against Thieves

Houston is a melting pot of different cultures; in this video alone, we have Black, Asian, and Hispanic. With Koreans and various other ethnicities owning convenient stores in Houston, they have a special relationship with the brothas. A few Hispanic cats found out the hard way about this special bond. The Hispanic gentlemen in the […]

Video: Cousins Fight After They Both Snitch To Each Other’s GF

My first reaction to seeing this, why is Garvens Brun trying to beat up his cousin? Then I realize it’s not Garvens, just two cats who have no idea what they’re doing. Now I’m hearing the girl recording say “don’t grab.” Uh, ma’am, this is a street fight, and anything goes. My man in the […]