Video: Nate Diaz Discusses His Feelings Toward Conor McGregor, The Stockton Slap, and PEDs in MMA

I never imagined that I would see a Diaz Brother sitting down on a major network to discuss a fight. But Nate Diaz has reached a new level of stardom with his victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 196. Joining the Sports Nation, Nate went on to talk about his feelings toward Conor McGregor, if there […]

Dana White Explains Why He Let Nate Diaz Give Him The “Stockton Slap”

Earlier this month, a video popped up of Nate Diaz giving UFC President Dana White, a “Stockton Slap”. No reason was given as to why Dana would let Nate slap him, but many have speculated. Now, Dana has opened up. “So what was happening is, we had just left and were heading back to the arena […]