Video: Willie D’s Official Music Video For ‘Coon 2’ Dissing Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, and More

There are several high profiled minorities who either ride the fence on race issues or try to pretend they don’t actually exist. Well, if you don’t select a side, you automatically chose the side of the oppressor. Wille D has released a part two of what now seems like a ‘Coon’ series. The original ‘Coon’ song is a […]

Video: Lady Given Multiple Tries On Family Feud Is Confusingly Hilarious

As I’m watching the unedited clip of Family Feud, I’m thinking to myself, I can’t think of many alternative names that I call my mother outside of mom and mommy (yes, I call my mother “mommy” from time to time, sometimes you need something extra). One question asked to the Patterson family on an upcoming […]

Video: Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong 2015 Miss Universe

USA, Colombia, and the Philippines faced off in the finals in the 2015 Miss Universe contest. The host of the contest is Steve Harvey, and he made a major error when reading who came in which place. USA was the 2nd runner-up, Colombia was the 1st runner-up, and the Philippines was set to be crowned the 2015 […]