Photos: 2016 In Review

2016 was a most memorable year. I attended countless numbers of fights, several burlesque shows, weddings, sneaker summits, etc. While in these spaces, I was able to capture so many great moments with my camera. I want to share some of these images with you. I hope you enjoy these, I plan to bring you more […]

Video: Full Video of Katt Williams’ Altercation With Kid

There are times when clips of videos don’t do entire situations justice, I would say that this is one of those instances. A couple of days ago, a video hit the internet that showed Katt Williams punching a kid in the face, then proceeded to get choked by that kid until bystanders separated the two. […]

Video: Brazilian Women Playing Soccer On Slip N Slide

Now, this is the kind of soccer I would watch on the daily. Bless Brazil for their innovative ways of entertaining the world. I honestly don’t know why Brazil isn’t the safest place on earth. Everyone in the country should be happy with half-naked women playing soccer on an inflatable field, covered in water and […]

Video: Soccer Ref Gets KO’d After Giving Yellow Card

“Man down, 11 30, pimp in distress.” During a match in Argentina, referee Arnaldo Beron was the victim of an attack that left him out cold, after issuing a yellow card to Alejandro Roncaglia. The match between Ferro and Tiro Federal was quickly ended, as Beron had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance […]