Video: Gabi Garcia’s Shootboxing Debut Ends in a ‘No Contest’ Due to an Illegal Soccer Kick

Japan is known for their freak shows, remember Bob Sapp? Gabi Garcia is the new Bob Sapp, well, with zero charisma. I guess Gacia’s only link to Sapp would be that they’re massive and love fighting in Japan. Gabi Garcia made her Shootboxing debut earlier today and the fight ended in a ‘no contest’ due […]

Video: First Comes The Cup Check, Then The Soccer Kick To the Face

The groin kick. An unfortunate common occurrence in combat sports and non-combat sports alike. At any given time, at any MMA event, some poor soul may eventually be on the receiving end of a low blow. In Argentina, we see the pattern begin to play out before it all goes so wrong. One man gets […]

Video: Delaware Police Officer Soccer Kicks Suspect

Maybe the officer thought he was in a Pride match, no? In all seriousness, what is wrong with these cops? All cops aren’t bad, but the ones being caught doing illegal acts are making it hard for the cops looking to protect the public. DOVER, DE — A police dashcam video shows a black suspect […]

Video: Timofey Nastyukhin Lands Nasty Soccer Kick At ONE FC 23

Because┬áPride is no longer around, you rarely see soccer kicks anymore. I do however remember this amateur event a few years back when “Shogun” Delgado punted his opponent’s head. It wasn’t legal, and he did get disqualified, but it reminded me of the Pride days. Asia’s ONE FC modifies the Unified Rules of mixed martial […]

Mike “The Truth” Blog: Legacy 18

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