Video: Kenan Thompson On SNL’s Weekend Update as LaVar Ball Criticizing LeBron James

There is nothing funnier in life right now than Kenan Thompson’s impression of LaVar Ball… NOTHING! Check out ‘LaVar Ball’ talk the coaching the Lakers, Lithuania, and more. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen> Never lost!

Video: Chance The Rapper Joins SNL Cast For a 90’s R&B Music Video Spoof of ‘Come Back, Barack’

For a second, I thought jagged Edge or 112 were about to hit my TV screen; 90’s R&B, in my opinion, is the best era for R&B music. Chance the Rapper was the guest host for this week’s Saturday Night Live, and I enjoyed the majority of the sketches he was part of. One of […]

Video: James Harden Sends Russell Westbrook and Warriors off on a Boat In Claymation Video

On Tuesday, the Houston Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in game 5 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Winning the series 4-1, the Rockets advance to the Western Conference semi-finals and will face the winner of the San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzles. When teams lose in the NBA playoffs, they’re said to have […]

Video: ‘You Support Donald Trump’ Skit on SNL

I must say, I’ve watched more SNL skits in 2016 than in the past few years combined, maybe they’re stepping their game up. I won’t go into details about my opinion on Donald Trump, I’ll let this video speak for itself. Although it was meant to get laughs, this video falls under my category of […]

Video: White People Lose Their Damn Minds in SNL‘s ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’

In recent years, Saturday Night Live as a whole, hasn’t been funny to me. There are always random skits that catch my attention, and are hilarious. The most recent skit that made my funny list, ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’. Without getting too deep into this conversation, I’ll just say that the main reason this skit […]

Video: Louis CK Pushes Envelope While Hosting SNL

I for one, find Louis CK to be hilarious. Whether you agree with the content of his comedy, there’s no denying he makes people laugh. Hosting the 40th season finale of SNL, Louis CK opened with a monologue that joked about racism and child molestation. In one of the segments, he “speaks like a black woman” […]