Video: DJ Screw Biopic ‘All Screwed Up’ Official Trailer

Although I was a fan of and listened to music that was chopped & screwed in the 90’s & 2000’s, I don’t think I fully appreciated the style until my late 20’s early 30’s. Fast forward to the present, my DJ Screw online music station gets a lot of play. To my surprise, the late […]

Video: Utah House of Representatives “Rap” About How Bills Become Law Over Fresh Prince Beat

These types of white people need to stop. I honestly don’t know where to begin here. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Utah House of Representatives are trying to connect with their youth; now that I think about it, this may be the only hip-hop kids in Utah are aware of. Watch […]

Video: ‘Long Live the Pimp’ – A Documentary on the Life and Legacy of Pimp C

UGK is one of my favorite rap groups. Although I am of fan of Bun B, it’s the voice of Pimp C that grabbed my attention and caused me to gravitate toward the Underground Kingz. Bun B, Nas and more are featured in Long Live the Pimp, a new short documentary about the life and […]

Video: Drake and Future’s Song Big Rings Mashed Up With Captain Planet

Drake and Future released the mixtape What a Time to Be Alive last month, and it debuted at No. 1 with 375,000 units sold opening week. To celebrate the success, Future purchased two large, diamond-studded custom pinky rings. Once this hit the internet, you knew it was only a matter of time before a meme of some sort […]

Video: Jay Z’s ‘B-Sides Concert’ Full Video

HOV! Think you have time this morning to go back down memory lane with Jay Z? Here’s your chance. The rapper played the first of two shows at New York’s Terminal 5 venue, a concert he says he’s been trying to pull off for 7 to 10 years. The intimate ‘B-Sides Concert’, where the hits […]

Video: Dinosaurs Earl Sinclair performs Biggie’s “Hypnotize”

Growing up, Dinosaurs was my favorite show on ABC; kids these days are missing out on great shows by the way. I own all the seasons on DVD, and will show my son when he gets older. Also growing up, Biggie was one of the top rappers, and some argue he’s one of the best MC’s […]