Video: Donald Trump Says It’s Wrong For Mothers to Have a Nine Month Gestation Period During Anti-Abortion Speech

Who’s mans is this?! Seriously, how did this racist cornball become president of the United States of America? I don’t care if Russia rigged the election and the results read 100% in favor for Donald Trump; someone should have been like, “Na, son. We need to rethink this.” While speaking at the anti-abortion rally at […]

Video: Little Black Girl Curves Donald Trump As He Tries To Kiss Her

Denied! At a recent rally, Trump attempted to reach out to the black community by, from the looks of it, entertaining a little black girl. The girl knew better than to allow Donald Trump to kiss her; I won’t question her judgment of allowing Trump to pick her up, he most likely just picked her […]

Video: Black Guy Thrown Out Of Hillary Clinton Rally For Wearing Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Shirt

Hillary Clinton held a rally today to discuss last night’s debate with Donald Trump. But more importantly, while discussing how Trump has insulted women, Latinos, and Blacks, a black man was thrown out of the rally for wearing a Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ shirt. Clinton then suggests that someone give the gentleman an intervention, insinuating that […]

Video: ‘Mayhem’ Miller Captures Video From Donald Trump Rally In Orange County

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve personally heard of a Trump riot going on in a city, I guess it was time for another. It seems as if Trump will end up winning the Republican nomination for the upcoming Presidential race; this is still surprising to me. Costa Mesa, California hosted a Donald Trump […]

Video: 15-year-old Protester Maced and Called a “Goddamn Communist, Nigger Lover!”

Trump supports are living the Thug Life, no doubt. In a recent post about the Free Hugs Project going to both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rallies to give out free hugs, there was a clip where a young teen protestor was maced. There are now more videos and details surround the event, that have been […]

Video: A Man Offers Free Hugs At Trump & Sanders Rallies, Gets Two Different Reactions

Let me preface this by saying this video may or may not have been skewed in a direction that would show Sanders’ supports in a more positive light than Trump supporters. Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, it’s clear that the types of individuals who support these candidates are distinct. I’m not saying all Trump’s supporters […]

Video: Trump Supporter Assaults a Non-Violent Protester At Rally

Was it too much to just let the police escort the non-violent protestors out? Nope, not for one Trump supporter. In Fayetteville, North Carolina on Wednesday Night, a Trump supporter took it upon himself to show how much he despised of the young man, he went over and punched him in the face; in front of […]