[Editorial] Could UFC 202 Be the Apex of Conor McGregor?

Pay close attention this week. Laugh at the flying water bottles and Monster cans. Be entertained at the middle fingers and the curse words and the promos and the trash talk. Reflect on the glory that is the rivalry between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, because you may very well be witnessing the apex of […]

What Does UFC 201 Mean

For at least the third time this year, a less-than-deserving, hand-picked challenger dethroned a seemingly dominant champion by knockout in the first round. Luke Rockhold had yet to defend his title, but his impressive run and a previous win over Michael Bisping made the outcome seem all but certain. Bisping had just come off his third […]

Video: DMX Narrates UFC 196 Promo

Rapper and actor DMX hasn’t had much positivity in his life recently. Having had multiple run-ins with the law for various reasons, it’s good to see him making headlines for more positive reasons. DMX has a unique voice, that served him well during his rap career. The raw, aggressive, grittiness of his voice is great for narration. […]

Ireland vs. Stockton: A Tale of Two Distinct Icons

UFC 196’s main event received a last-minute change on the count of Rafael dos Anjos’ broken foot, and only 11 days out from the day of the fight there was one scrappy, brash fighter out of Stockton California that the majority of the MMA community wanted to see step into fight McGregor, Nate Diaz. A […]

UFC Investigating Threats Against Conor McGregor

We all knew that today’s press conference with Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz was going to be one for the ages. I mean, there were 35 “Fucks” dropped today only, not counting other profane language. At one point during Conor McGregor’s trash talking, he made reference to where Nate Diaz came from and called him a “cholo […]

Video: McGregor and Diaz UFC 196 Press Conference F&@#I&% Happened

The moment the MMA world heard that there would be a UFC 196 press conference for the new main event, it was like Christmas morning for an eight year old. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz gave the fans everything the hoped for in a press conference, including the word “fuck”. I took a poll earlier today […]

Video: Diaz Replaces RDA Against McGregor at UFC 196, Wins Red Panty Night Sweepstakes

The MMA community was shook this morning as disastrous news struck. It was reported that Rafael Dos Anjos was pulling out of the long-awaited title fight against featherweight champion, Conor McGregor.This fight had been built up as the ultimate super fight, pitting two of the best in their division against one another. Dos Anjos, however, suffered […]