Video: Chicago Man Trying To Get His ID Is Interrupted By R. Kelly Press Conference

Look, this Chicago citizen was simply trying to get to the line to retrieve his identification. Unfortunately, there was a press conference being held about R. Kelly being jailed due to unpaid child support. See how this gentleman handles the untimely situation.

Video: Eddie Alvarez Walks Out of UFC 205 Press Conference, Conor Makes A Pimpin’ Entrance

One thing MMA fans can count on, Conor McGregor will be late to a press conference. Conor told the crowd, “sorry, I’m late. I just don’t give a fuck!” Prior to McGregor entering the room, Eddie Alvarez decided to leave because McGregor was late, and because and were heckling him. Alvarez says he’s half Irish, […]

Video: Stephen Thompson Uses Ninja Moves To Steal Conor McGregor’s Drinks

I have yet to watch the UFC 205 press conference, will do so after I write this little post. But from what I can tell, Conor McGregor was at Level Notorious during the presser. While McGregor and Eddie Alvarez were going back and forth, Stephen Thompson decided it was a great opportunity to steal McGregor’s Monster […]

Editorial: Conor McGregor and the Rules of the Game

In Amy Tan’s classic short story “The Rules of the Game”, a young Chinese girl living in America, Mei-Mei, is taught how to get what she wants by her mother. “Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums. At home, […]

Video: Jon Jones With The DX Crotch Chop At Unstoppable Press Conference

In his first UFC appearance since returning from his suspension, Jon Jones was in attendance at the Unstoppable press conference. Jones will face Daniel Cormier for the light-heavyweight title at UFC 197. Jon Jones was stripped of the title after the hit and run accident last year, and DC subsequently won it after defeating Anthony Johnson. […]

Video: Kimbo Slice Tells Dada 5000 “You Got Baby Nuts”

The Bellator 149 press conference was entertaining to say the least. Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 were jawing back and forth before the actual presser kicked off. During their verbal jousting, Kimbo was trying to get the point across that he had the bigger balls between the two. He dropped the line “you got baby […]

Video: Ronda Rousey Has Freudian Slip At UFC 193 Press Conference

I mean, things happen. Ronda Rousey had a slip up of words at a UFC 193 press conference, and I must say, I’m not mad at it at all. When describing the footwork of her next opponent, Holly Holm, Ronda mentioned a great way of countering that. I’ll just let Ronda tell you like it […]