Video: Hillary Clinton Suggest Death Row Has Influenced Her Fashion

“I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look” – A thing Hillary Clinton said — Colin Jones (@colinjones) October 26, 2016 It seems fitting to associate Hillary Clinton with Death Row Records. Making her rounds politicking to become the first female POTUS, Clinton decided to go on […]

Photo: Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Destroyed

Donald Trump spent all that money to have his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and now someone went all Hulk smash on the $30,000 piece. This isn’t the first time someone has vandalized his star. Earlier in the campaign race, someone painted a swastika on the star. According to BSO, Deadline received a video […]

Video: Little Black Girl Curves Donald Trump As He Tries To Kiss Her

Denied! At a recent rally, Trump attempted to reach out to the black community by, from the looks of it, entertaining a little black girl. The girl knew better than to allow Donald Trump to kiss her; I won’t question her judgment of allowing Trump to pick her up, he most likely just picked her […]

Video: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Debate Is Parodied With Dirty Dancing Song

The second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a mess, I don’t know how I sat through it all. It reminded me of an hour and a half long pro wrestling segment. The internet decided to sync of the lip movements from the Presidential candidates and the song ‘Time of my Life’ from Dirty Dancing. […]

Video: Black Guy Thrown Out Of Hillary Clinton Rally For Wearing Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Shirt

Hillary Clinton held a rally today to discuss last night’s debate with Donald Trump. But more importantly, while discussing how Trump has insulted women, Latinos, and Blacks, a black man was thrown out of the rally for wearing a Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ shirt. Clinton then suggests that someone give the gentleman an intervention, insinuating that […]

Video: New Hilary Clinton Ad With Donald Trump Speaking Ill of Women

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poor presidential candidates, for different reasons of course; this two party system has to go. But because this ad is about Trump, we’ll stick with him. Donald Trump, over the course of his lifetime, has said some horrible things towards women; we all have at some point. Now, […]

Stephen Hawking Angers Trump Supporters By Not Speaking “English”

I don’t have a witty response for this one, it’s just sad. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking upset Donald Trump supporters earlier this week when he was questioned about the potential Presidential candidate. Speaking to a television interviewer in London, Hawking called Trump “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,” a statement […]