Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Attempts To Incite Race War Now Fears For His Life

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, decided it was a good idea to send out a tweet stating “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming for you.” Now, if you look at this tweet, one could assume these are threats on the lives of both President […]

Video: 15-year-old Protester Maced and Called a “Goddamn Communist, Nigger Lover!”

Trump supports are living the Thug Life, no doubt. In a recent post about the Free Hugs Project going to both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rallies to give out free hugs, there was a clip where a young teen protestor was maced. There are now more videos and details surround the event, that have been […]

Video: A Man Offers Free Hugs At Trump & Sanders Rallies, Gets Two Different Reactions

Let me preface this by saying this video may or may not have been skewed in a direction that would show Sanders’ supports in a more positive light than Trump supporters. Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, it’s clear that the types of individuals who support these candidates are distinct. I’m not saying all Trump’s supporters […]

Photo: Donald Trump Featured On Upcoming TIME Magazine Cover

There are few things that surprise me these days. The fact that Donald Trump has made it this far in his campaign for the Presidency of the United States, all while spreading his hateful speech… Well, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised living in this country. In wake of his Super Tuesday victories, Donald […]

Video: ‘You Support Donald Trump’ Skit on SNL

I must say, I’ve watched more SNL skits in 2016 than in the past few years combined, maybe they’re stepping their game up. I won’t go into details about my opinion on Donald Trump, I’ll let this video speak for itself. Although it was meant to get laughs, this video falls under my category of […]

Video: Donald Trump Brings Up The “Lil Trump” At GOP Debate

Look, I know A LOT of people find Donald Trump amusing and the way he’s approaching the upcoming Presidential race is… I honestly can’t think of the correct word to use at the moment. But in all honesty, it doesn’t matter if you are way left or way right, this is not the person that […]

Video: Evander Holyfield Gets Dropped For Charity By Mitt Romney

Watching this video, I can’t even right now… Evander Holyfield decided to get in the ring against Mitt Romney, for charity. I don’t care how much charity this is for, there is NO WAY, I’m even playing that Mitt Romney “knocked me down,” it’s just not happening. Former heavyweight champion of the world, Craig, OF […]