Photos: Legacy 50 Event

Photo Credit: Mike The Truth Jackson Photo Credit: Limelight Image

Video: Gabe Duhon Taps To Kolton Englund and Ref Misses It At Legacy 48

Legacy Fighting Championship returned to Lake Charles, La for Legacy 48. As always, Legacy brought tons of action. 5 out of 7 fights didn’t go to the judges. The controversy of the night goes to Gabe Duhon and Kolton Englund. Enlgund had an arm lock sunk in to the point Duhon tapped. While the ref stood over […]

Photos: Legacy Kickboxing 2

Photos: Legacy Kickboxing 2 Weigh-ins

Weights: 140 – Tommy Diekmann (135.8) vs. George Pacarariu (140) 154 – Dustin Johnson (152.8) vs. Bruno Carvalho (156) 209 – Brian Collette (209.2) vs. Luther Smith (207.5) 209 – Warren Thompson (201.6) vs. Myron Dennis (208.8) 125 – Lindsey Marino (123.5) vs. Andrea Lee (124.5) 170 – Clint Rhodes (170.8) vs. Francois Ambang (171.3) […]

UFC Restructures Hall of Fame, Four Distinct Categories

Compared to other sports leagues, the UFC is still in its infancy. Although a fairly new organizations, the UFC established a Hall of Fame back in 2003. There are currently 12 inductees, including Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock who were the initial inductees, and Pat Miletich, the most recent inductee. The UFC announced it will […]

Photos: Legacy 40 Event Photos