Arnold Berdon III, Husband of Rachael Ostovich, Arrested on Suspicion of 2nd Degree Attempted Murder

This is whole situation is sad and tragic, but good to know dude is in jail. Hawaii MMA fighter Arnold Berdon III has been arrested on suspicion of second degree attempted murder. According to Honolulu Police, he was arrested at the HPD Main Station on King Street around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. His arrest comes […]

Video: Paige VanZant Deletes Sexy Reebok Video

You ‘member when everyone was talking about wanting Sage and Paige to be the “It” couple of MMA? Oh, the memories. Fast forward to present times, being a Reebok sponsored athlete has it’s perks. Check out the video of Paige giving her fans a preview of the dope gear Reebok recently sent her. For some reason, […]

Paige Vanzant Announces She’s Accepting Marriage Applications On Twitter

If there was ever a time to shoot your shot at UFC Strawweight Paige Vanzant, now is your chance. Whether Vanzant is serious, or the tweet was made in jest, she took to Twitter to announce she is currently accepting applications for a husband. Now accepting applications for a husband. Thanks. — Paige VanZant (@PaigeVanzantUFC) January […]

Video: Paige VanZant Returns from DWTS To Knockout Bec Rawlings

Paige VanZant took a break from fighting to compete on Dancing With The Stars. It looks like she brought back some of those moves to the octagon. Rawlings controlled the first round with crisp striking. VanZant threw a lot of jumping and spinning techniques, but nothing landed. After VanZant’s corner asked her to settle down […]

Video: Paige VanZant Disguised As Reebok Reporter At UFC Fan Expo

What’s a great way to promote your product and interact with fans? Have UFC strawweight Paige VanZant disguised as a report talking interacting with fans. During the UFC Fan Expo during International Fight Week, Reebok sponsored fighter, Paige VanZant, went around the venue disguised as a Reebok reporter, questioning random fans. In the end, she would reveal […]

Guys Hopping Into Paige Vanzant’s Mentions After Announcing She’s Single On Twitter

PVZ is seen by many, to be one of the best looking fighters in the UFC, if not of all of MMA. With her success on Dancing With The Stars, her popularity is steadily growing outside of MMA fans. FYI I am very single!! — Paige VanZant (@PaigeVanzantUFC) May 6, 2016 For whatever reason, PVZ […]

Video: Miesha Tate Explains Why Ronda Rousey Told PVZ “F**k you fairweather b***h”

Miesha Tate was on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast today, and she shared a story that was told to her by Paige VanZant about a Ronda Rousey interaction. While at a VIP party, PVZ went to ask Ronda Rousey for an autograph, Rousey allegedly responded with “fuck you fairweather bitch. You congratulated [Holly] Holm.” Well, that’s harsh.