Video: Young Airline Passenger Charges Lady Up About Putting Her Nasty Feet On His Armrest

I can only imagine what this young man was thinking once the stench of mayonnaise hit his nostrils. While waiting for his flight home to Houston, from Orlando (I assume he’s from Houston with clap-back he gave that filth wench), a young passenger, probably around 3-5 years old, noticed a foul odor coming from between […]

Florida Deputy Fired For Waving Guns and Quoting Denzel Washington In ‘Training Day’

Life imitates art, or art imitates life. Either way, a Florida Sheriff’s deputy is not out of a job because he thought it was a good idea to imitate Denzel Washington from the movie ‘Training Day’, with his gun and taser. Deputy Dean Zipes, who was hired in December 2015, was fired April 21 for […]