Video: Oklahoma Sooners WR Spencer Jones Nearly Loses Eye During Bathroom Brawl with MMA Fighter (Updated)

I keep saying it, people are walking around not knowing what it’s like to get punched in the face, until they’re getting punched in the face. And by that time, it is what it is. Spencer Jones, an Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver, was caught on camera antagonizing another patron in a bathroom, but apparently that […]

Video: Houston Returns a Missed Oklahoma FG 109 Yards For Touchdown

Well, I have never seen a field goal come up that, at any level outside of peewee football. On a 53-yard field goal attempt, Oklahoma came up short. U of H’s Brandon Wilson caught the missed attempt and ran the ball back 109 yards for a touchdown. The cougars defeated the Sooners 33-23. Y'all sleeping on […]